HELP-CCA Master Of Applied Psychology In Coaching

HELP-CCA Master of Applied Psychology in Coaching


Why Invest ?

  • Attain the double credentials of a HELP’s Academic Master Degree and the CCA’s Professional Coach Certification;

  • Set yourself up to even earn the ICF Professional Coach global coach status with greater ease;

  • Gain competitive edge to be among the few in the world with this unique qualification for differentiation from others;

  • Gain greater versatility in career opportunities and abilities to coach, teach and/or work in organizations;

  • Gain a 1 year exemption from the 2 years’ study to earn the Masters Degree as well when pursuing it with the CCA Certified Professional Coach qualification.

What's This Program About?

  • Recognized by the International Coaching Federation;

  • A 2 year part-time study toward this highly unique Master Degree program that combines Coaching with Applied Psychology;

  • Incorporates a powerful blend of psychological principles and coaching skills to help develop coaches to understand people and help them reach their full potential;

  • Face to face program that runs on weeknights and weekends held at HELP University Campus in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Who Qualifies?

  • A Degree from a recognized university;

  • 2-3 years of commercial experience, preferably with some parts of it in a people management;

  • Those with a recognized degree and a CCA Certified Professional Coach qualification can gain a -CPC 1 year exemption of the 2 years’ studies.

What's the Program Roadmap?

  • Psychology of Peak Performance

  • The Psychology of Human Development

  • Organizational Psychology

  • Psychology of Learning and Change

  • Coaching Power Tools & Empowerment

  • High Performance Coaching

  • Life & Executive Coaching

  • Business & Organizational Coaching

  • Ethics & Multiculturalism in Coaching

  • Project Paper in Coaching

  • Psychology of Human Personality

  • Practicum in Coaching

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