Q: For a while now, I have been working on enhancing my powers of persuasion so that people can respect me and do what I want them to do. But the results are somewhat slow as I still struggle to get people on my side. How can I hasten it? 

A: The most important thing to note is, ultimately, the power to persuade is determined very much by the closeness you have with people. This is the first place to work on.

When people are close to you, they will walk the extra mile for you, listen more to you, be open to your views and are more generous to you as well. Closeness with people increases their trust for you. When people lack this, they may need to resort to some sort of ‘forceful’ means to get things done.

Be mindful that you are always sending out ‘energy’ to the other person. When you are warm and positive, you will send out a different kind of energy compared to when you are cold and negative. Watch your thoughts, words and actions and check on them every now and then. Get feedback from your good friends who can tell you a lot about yourself.


  • What are some habits you need to change for people to be close to you?
  • How can you be more aware before they show up?
  • What good behaviours do you want to show more of?
  • What can you do to make them an art of you always?

Self-mastery skills, people mastery skills and political acumen, are covered in our Coach Certification programs syllabus, titled Empowerment Coaching.  It helps you be people smart and people strategist.

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